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Knowing the Difference Between Alzheimer’s and Dementia

As a leading Madison memory care facility, our staff at Tennyson Retirement Living knows that Alzheimer’s and dementia are two of the most severe brain conditions that someone can have in their lifetime. These are two serious conditions that require the proper medication and treatment to help control their effects.

For many people who are unfamiliar with these two terms, Tennyson Retirement Living is here to help you learn the differences. This article will provide important information about what causes each condition and the best ways that a Madison assisted living facility will try to control both Alzheimer’s and dementia.

What is Alzheimer’s?

Alzheimer’s is a degenerative brain disease that is often caused by cell damage that creates complex brain changes. According to East Madison memory care specialists, some of the earliest signs of Alzheimer’s is the inability to remember new information. This is because Alzheimer’s typically impacts the part of the brain associated with learning before it spreads to other areas.

Madison Memory Care Facility

As Alzheimer’s gets worse, the symptoms tend to become more severe, including confusion, behavioral changes, and disorientation. Once these signs of Alzheimer’s set in, it may be in the best interest of the individual to have them admitted to an assisted living facility in Madison. Symptoms will likely worsen over time, and everyday tasks we take for granted become more difficult, such as walking, speaking, and swallowing.

What is Dementia?

Dementia is commonly described as a decline in mental health and ability, which interferes with everyday life. If you ask a Madison memory care facility what the leading cause of dementia is, they will undoubtedly tell you Alzheimer’s. One of the biggest differences between Alzheimer’s and dementia is that Alzheimer’s is a specific disease, and dementia is not.

There are several types of dementia, and they can be caused by various conditions. Dementia is not considered a normal part of aging, and it is caused by damage to brain cells which negatively impacts their ability to communicate. When this happens, it can affect an individual’s ability to think and may impact their daily behavior and feelings.

Once dementia is diagnosed, it may be wise to consider placing the individual at an East Madison memory care facility to ensure the best treatment possible.

Madison Memory Care Facility

How are Alzheimer’s and Dementia Treated?

There are currently no known cures for either of these conditions, but some medications are available to help slow down the symptoms from taking over. Cholinesterase inhibitors can be prescribed for mild to moderate Alzheimer’s or dementia symptoms. For many patients, these medications have helped control some behavioral and cognitive issues.

Some people may have trouble tolerating inhibitors, so they might be prescribed memantine instead. This particular drug is designed to block the effects of excessive glutamate or brain chemicals.

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