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How to Prepare Your Loved One’s Room at Their New Memory Care Community

Transitioning into a Madison memory care facility is a big change for most seniors. Even if they have already been in a senior retirement community in Madison or a Madison assisted living facility, memory care is a whole new environment to get familiar with.

If you want to help your loved one transition easier, one of the things you can do to help is to prepare their room. Unlike most assisted living communities in Madison, memory care facilities do not offer private apartments. Your loved one will most likely have a private room and bathroom––but not an entire apartment to themselves. This makes their room all the more important.

Hang copies of pictures of your loved one’s family members and friends.

Just don’t put out the only copy of a priceless family picture. You would be surprised what can get lost at a Madison memory care facility.

Try to organize their room in a way you know they like.

If they always like having a table next to the bed––put one there. If they have a favorite set of curtains or bedspread, make sure they are used.

Madison Assisted Living Facility

Decorate their door.

Individuals with memory problems may forget which room is theirs. Decorate their door with pictures of kids, grandkids, and anything else that may help them recognize their room as they walk through the hall. This may also help keep a confused neighbor from wandering into their room.

Place something in their room that serves as a link to their past.

If your loved one was a teacher, put up an old picture of them with their students. If they loved gardening, put their favorite (low maintenance) potted plant in their room. If they were artistic, put one of their works in their room.

Be creative as you decide what to do––and check with the administration at their facility. Not every memory care facility will allow potted plants or large artwork in private rooms.

Don’t forget to label everything.

Labeling is critical. Clothing, canes, walkers, blankets, and more can easily be confused as property of someone else. Make sure everything gets a name on it––even picture frames and furniture. This will help ensure special (or private) items don’t get lost.

Don’t bring too many things.

Your loved one doesn’t need much at their Madison senior living community. Don’t forget that memory care is significantly different from an east Madison assisted living community. Memory care facilities provide almost everything, so there is no need to stuff their room full of extras.

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