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Three of the Most Important Jobs at a Memory Care Facility

No business or organization can meet the necessary standards if they don’t have a great staff; and that’s especially true for a Madison memory care facility like Tennyson Assisted Living. After all, the staff is in charge of making sure that all residents receive the proper care and treatment every single day. Staff members can all wear different titles, but each one is essential to maintaining a top-notch Madison assisted living community.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the staff members that contribute to a well-run Madison assisted living facility. Remember, each assisted living community is different, so there may be some facilities that do not feature some of these people on their staff. Although, this list of staff members is fairly common at many East Madison memory care facilities.

Nursing Assistants and Attendants

Personal care nursing assistants and attendants are essential for the well-being of each resident. The nursing assistants are typically responsible for helping residents who are unable to do daily activities on their own. This may include bathing, grooming, using the restroom, dressing, or needing help moving throughout the facility.

It is essential that nursing assistants and attendants all receive adequate training, so they know what warning signs to look for with each patient. If there are any alarming trends, nursing assistants and attendants must notify the proper medical personnel. If a resident has much less energy than usual or is not eating regularly, it is the nursing assistant’s job to get the resident the help they need.

Madison Memory Care Facility

Activities Directors

Another person with an important job at a Madison memory care facility is the activities director. Many seniors look forward to games, classes, or other fun activities each day, which are all typically planned by the activities director. It is critical that residents are not restricted to their rooms each day. They can significantly benefit from social and physical activities, and the director plays a significant role in that.

It is quite common for an activities director at a Madison assisted living community to plan activities that are off the facility grounds. This might be a trip to a salon, museum, movie theater, or shopping mall. Activity directors are often creative and come up with new ways for residents to enjoy time with their peers.

Custodial Staff and Maintenance Workers

With any large facility, it is essential to make sure everything is clean and running smoothly. Madison and East Madison memory care facilities are no different. They must be properly maintained to ensure the safety and health of all residents, guests, and staff.

The custodial staff must ensure that all surfaces are disinfected, trash is removed, floors are cleaned, along with many other tasks. While the maintenance staff is responsible for making sure that damages are repaired, sidewalks are clear, tripping hazards are removed, and numerous other responsibilities. The custodial staff and maintenance team are often the unsung heroes of a Madison senior retirement community.

Madison Memory Care Facility

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