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What Type of Walker is Best for My Loved One?

As a longtime assisted living facility in Madison, our staff at Tennyson Assisted Living knows that as people age, it becomes harder for them to get around without assistance. Many residents at assisted living facilities use some type of walking aid to get from one place to another––but how do you know which walking aid is the best option?

This article will provide some valuable details on several of the most common walking aids used by senior residents at a typical senior living community in Madison. We’ll explain the differences between each piece of equipment so you can find the ideal walking aid to assist your loved one.

Standard Walker

A typical walker is made up of a metal frame with four legs and is available in different widths. You can adjust the height as needed on many walkers, which is ideal for seniors or patients who are recovering from an injury. As the injury improves, the height can be raised so that the user doesn’t have to put as much weight on the walker.

Walkers provide overall better stability than a basic walking aid, like a cane or walking stick. It is also important to make sure your loved one has the strength to pick up the walker as they move. As a longtime Madison assisted living community, our team at Tennyson Assisted Living knows just how critical walkers can be for many of our residents.

Assisted Living Facility in Madison

Hybrid Walker

The most notable difference between a standard walker and a hybrid walker is the wheels. Hybrid walkers typically have two wheels in the front and two legs in the back. Although hybrid walkers are made with a metal frame, like standard walkers, they do not have to continually be lifted up and down by the owner.

Hybrid walkers are very common at nearly any assisted living facility in Madison. Most residents consider them easy to use and are ideal for individuals who walk at a slightly faster pace. Hybrid walkers still provide all the support that a person needs.


The rollator is quite possibly the most popular walking aid that you’ll see at a Madison assisted living facility. Residents love the fact that this 4-wheeled walker requires absolutely no lifting. Most rollator models also include a seat with a removable back. This design is great for residents who tire easily and need to take breaks during moderate to long walks.

All rollators are equipped with breaks as an important safety feature. This allows the user to put their weight fully on the rollator when they need help getting up from a bed or chair without the fear of the rollator sliding away. Rollators come in steel and aluminum models to support users of different body types. If you’re not sure if a rollator is the best walking aid for your loved one, be sure to ask the experts at their senior living community in Madison.

Assisted Living Facility in Madison

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