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Malnutrition: Why is This Happening to Seniors?

As we age, simple tasks that once came so easy to us in our youth become more and more of a struggle. Something as simple as nourishment is one of the significant challenges among seniors. It is estimated that roughly 3.7 million seniors suffer from nutrition difficulties.

At Tennyson Assisted Living, we are a Madison assisted living facility that includes a fresh daily menu to help combat the struggle.  With homecooked meals, our food specialists at to know their way around a kitchen.

Another common risk with not getting the right nutrition is memory impairment. A Madison memory care facility can help with chronic conditions like Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia. The staff at an East Madison memory care facility will be knowledgeable about the slowing of senior metabolism and diminished nutrient absorption. Any memory impairment can begin to cause issues with health.

Risk Factors of Malnutrition for Seniors

The unsettling truth is poverty plays a prominent role in a balanced diet. Seniors often find it difficult to support the costs of medical care and prescription medications. On top of this, certain medications have side effects.

Malnutrition is sometimes hard to diagnose because some symptoms are very common in older adults. Sometimes a caregiver may have to go into the home of their loved one and take a look in their refrigerator and around the home to see what they are eating.

At Tennyson, our assisted living facility in Madison has access to registered nurses to help 24 hours a day. Other factors contributing to malnutrition in seniors include physical, social, and psychological factors:


Seniors often struggle to prepare their meals and then sit to eat them. Conditions like arthritis make the process too painful, and so the struggling senior has to stand too long to prepare their meal. The team at the assisted living community in Madison takes the stress out of your hands and sweeps you right off your feet. Meals are homecooked for all residents. A group of people holding watermelon

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Senior isolation is a very real thing for many retired residents. Our Madison assisted living facility encourages lifelong friendships and eating together. Often when older adults are on their own, they will turn to eating fast food, which is high on convenience and low on nutrition. Cooking for one is sometimes hard to make yourself do, so processed take precedence over fresh foods.


Other factors that can impact nutrition include sorrow, unhappiness, seclusion, and feeling isolated. Seniors are often faced with the difficulties of losing people who are close to them, which can affect eating habits as well. Psychological pain is just as important as physical pain, that is why Tennyson’s closer care services at Madison assisted living facility is the place for your senior, our staff specializes in making each day better for your senior.

Madison Assisted Living Facility

If you are looking for an assisted living facility in Madison that provides the utmost care and compassion for all residents – look no further than Tennyson Assisted Living. We have the staff and the resources to ensure that your love receives the best care possible.

Our assisted living community in Madison helps residents with diabetes, Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, and dementia. To get started, give us a call at (608) 286-1410 or contact us online for more information.