Madison Memory Care Facility

Tips on Improving Cognition and Emotion for Seniors

Tennyson Assisted Living is considered a leading Madison memory care facility for a variety of reasons. Our staff is always trying to find ways to enhance our residents’ emotions and cognition, which puts our facility above the rest. Our experienced staff constantly engages our residents to help stimulate their brains and keep them aware of their surroundings.

Brain balance can be challenging for those who have Alzheimer’s or dementia. Our staff treats your loved one like family and makes sure all residents get the interaction and support they need. Each day at our assisted living community in Madison. we make it matter to every single resident.

Our staff at Tennyson has listed some of the most effective ways to improve a resident’s cognition and emotion. These include:

  • Physical Activity
  • Connecting with Friends
  • Playing Mind Games

Physical Activity

Light yoga, walking, and even dancing can all be great ways to make the mind and body healthier. In fact, light exercises become more and more essential as seniors age because they help prevent serious ailments like joint pain, chronic illnesses, and bone fractures. Many fun activities are offered at a typical Madison senior living community that provide social interaction as well as a good workout!

Madison Memory Care Facility

Connecting with Friends

Moving away from home and into a Madison memory care facility can be quite a challenge for many seniors. Often, they are afraid of losing contact with their closest friends and family members. This can take an emotional toll on many residents as they begin to feel lonely and secluded from the rest of the world.

It is critical that friends and family members find ways to interact with their loved ones. This might include phone calls, video chats, emails, or writing letters back and forth. It’s important that both the resident and their loved ones stay consistent with their communication; this can be an important piece of cognitive and emotional development.

Playing Mind Games

Any activity that helps keep the mind engaged can be very beneficial for seniors, especially those who require special treatment at an East Madison memory care facility. Many seniors benefit from writing in journals, doing puzzles, reading books, art classes, or learning about a new subject.

Other activities that many seniors enjoy involve games. This can be board games, trivia, or watching their favorite game show on television. If it’s an activity that helps seniors think and gets their brains active, it can help bring on other memories and make the entire day a very positive experience. This is why visitors will often bring a board game or a crossword puzzle to share with their loved one. It’s typically an activity that both parties enjoy.

Madison Memory Care Facility

Tennyson Assisted Living, a Top Senior Living Community in Madison

If you are looking for a loving and nurturing senior living facility for your loved one, Tennyson Assisted Living is here to help. Our living environment includes 24-hour care from an experienced and caring staff that will always keep your loved one’s best interest at heart.

To get started, give us a call at (608) 286-1410 or contact us online for more information. We look forward to welcoming your loved one to our beautiful assisted living community in Madison.