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Staying Cool This Summer; Tips from a Madison Assisted Living Facility

After another challenging winter in Wisconsin, we are now enjoying springtime, but summer will be knocking on the door soon. Although many people who live at a Madison assisted living facility prefer the warmer temperatures over the cold, it is still important to exercise caution during the summer. When seniors get too hot or don’t take the proper precautions, there can be potentially serious consequences.

As a premier Madison assisted living community, Tennyson Assisted Living is here to provide some great tips on how to beat the summer heat. By following these simple steps, seniors can enjoy the outdoors to the fullest this summer.

Dress Appropriately

The best way for seniors to stay comfortable when outside is to wear the proper attire. Clothing should be light-colored so that it absorbs as little heat as possible. Also, all items should be loose-fitting and made of breathable fabric so that heat cannot get trapped inside. Wearing a hat can also help protect the head and eyes from the bright sunlight.

Drink Plenty of Water

As a leading assisted living community in Madison, our staff at Tennyson knows how critical it is to always stay hydrated. However, this is especially true during the summer. When outdoors in the warm weather, many people sweat more frequently than in cooler weather. To keep the body hydrated after sweating, it requires more water intake. So, it’s critical to drink more water than usual, especially after being outside on a hot day.

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Protect Your Eyes

When outside, it is essential that seniors take the necessary precautions to protect their vision. The bright sunlight can cause damage to the eyes, which can impair vision. One of the easiest ways for seniors to protect their eyesight is by always wearing sunglasses when outside, especially if they have experienced vision issues in the past. As a longtime senior living community in Madison, our team at Tennyson recommends getting multiple pairs of sunglasses because they can often break or get misplaced.

Use Bug Spray

One thing all residents at our Madison assisted living facility can agree on, they hate bugs. Unfortunately, when summer arrives, so do all the insects. Ants, mosquitoes, bees, wasps, and many more bugs are widespread when the temperatures warm up. To prevent insect bites and potential diseases, seniors should always apply bug spray before going outside. This is the most effective way to keep bugs away so you can enjoy outdoor time to its fullest.

Wear Sunscreen

One thing that is important at our Madison assisted living community; all residents use proper sunscreen if they are going to be outside for an extended time. Ideally, seniors should apply sunscreen at least 15-30 minutes before going outside, and it should be rated SPF 30 or higher. Their sunscreen should also be able to block both UVA and UVB rays.

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