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A Madison Assisted Living Community Recommends Vitamins and Supplements to Reduce Bruising

A Madison Assisted Living Community Recommends Vitamins and Supplements to Reduce Bruising – A leading Madison assisted living community understands that the older you get, the easier you bruise. Bruising can happen to anyone but tends to be more of a concern and more severe the older someone gets. Unfortunately, you can’t completely prevent the threat of bruising, but there are some ways to reduce the likelihood and severity.

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A Madison assisted living facility believes that keeping yourself in the best possible shape is important, especially as you get older. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of vitamins and supplements that can help reduce bruising as you age.

Vitamin C

According to a leading assisted living community in Madison, vitamin C is important for your body’s cartilage, collagen, muscle, bones, and blood vessels. This vitamin is also essential to make sure that your body’s healing process is working correctly. Eating a diet high in vitamin C rich food can help reduce how easily you bruise. Consider adding more fruits, potatoes, and broccoli to your diet.

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Experts at a leading senior retirement community in Madison also suggest adding more zinc into your diet to reduce the likelihood of bruising. Zinc is necessary for your body to repair and heal any wounds. Consider adding more grass-fed beef, spinach, and lobster to your diet.

Vitamin K

According to a leading Madison senior living community, vitamin K deficiency is the leading cause of bruising. This vitamin clots blood at the site of any wound and strengthens your capillary walls. Leafy vegetables are a great way to add more vitamin K into your diet. You can also purchase topical vitamin K cream to help any bruises heal faster.

Should You Be Concerned About Bruising?

Everyone bruises, especially as they age. While bruising isn’t necessarily a cause for concern, monitoring how often you bruise and how long the bruises last is important. If barely bumping a corner causes you a bruise that lasts for three months, it’s best to see a medical professional.

There are several ways to reduce the severity and how often you bruise. Ensure that you are eating a diet that’s high in vitamins, or invest in pills that contain vitamins C, K, and zinc. Eating lots of leafy greens and fruits is a great way to prevent serious bruising.

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