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A Senior Retirement Community in Madison on the Best Pets for Seniors

According to a leading senior retirement community in Madison, pets can have numerous benefits for individuals living in a retirement community. Pets are loyal to their owners and make great friends with individuals living in retirement communities. However, it’s important to check the rules of your retirement community before adopting or purchasing a new furry friend.

At Tennyson Assisted Living, we are here to help you care for your loved ones struggling with memory loss. We are a leading Madison assisted living facility and want to help you and your family navigate this new chapter of your lives.

We believe that having a pet can be helpful when living in a retirement community; that’s why we’ve compiled a list of some of the best pets for seniors.

Senior Retirement Community in Madison recommends the following Pets:


According to a leading assisted living community in Madison, cats are a great pet for seniors in a retirement community because they are relatively low maintenance. Older cats tend to just lay around, and you don’t have to take them outside. This makes it easy to keep up with them, and some cats even like to cuddle.


A senior living community in Madison recommends that older people get older dogs. This is because puppies can be very hyperactive and difficult to keep up with. Older dogs are easier to take care of and encourage residents to get outside and exercise. Dogs can also make socializing easier; many people like to stop and pet dogs, making them great conversation starters.

Senior Retirement Community in Madison


According to a leading east Madison memory care facility, fish are extremely low maintenance, especially if you have a tank that cleans itself. Watching fish can also be calming for seniors who suffer from anxiety.

Other fun pets to consider are birds, lizards, and even rabbits! It’s important to take your health and safety into consideration before purchasing or adopting a new pet.

Senior Retirement Community in Madison Recommends Considering This Before Adopting:

According to a leading Madison senior retirement community, several factors should be considered before adopting a new pet. The most important one is if you’re physically capable of caring for a cat or dog. You must also have access to enough food, water, and other resources like a veterinarian and groomer.

Adopting a new pet is fun, but it’s also a lot of responsibility; it’s crucial to make sure that you are capable and ready to care for a cat, dog, or any other animal you choose.

Senior Retirement Community In Madison

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